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Exploring new career opportunities Building barrier-free communication is our passion. We have a passion for every type of language, and we embrace individual differences. Join us and use your talent to achieve your career goals in a supportive environment. Meet like-minded partners, and together, create real, sustainable and positive change.

To all language lovers

Our world has over 7,000 known languages. And they are all worth cherishing.
  • Career development

    Career development

    Opening up new career avenues Take the first step into your future, and join us. We're here to help you work hard, develop, and use your talent. MORE
  • Lifelong growth

    We believe in the power of lifelong growth, as a mode of pursuing one's goals. As a pioneer in the global multilingual localization industry, lifelong learning is deeply rooted in our corporate culture and every individual employee. This is our core principle of continuous growth. MORE
    Lifelong growth
  • The work/life balance plan
    The work/life balance plan

    The work/life balance plan

    We pursue to achieve the material and spiritual harvest of our employees. We believe that work and life should not be opposed, but work together, with each bringing meaning to the other. Our sporting rituals reflect this. Behind many behaviors seen on the pitch lies a reflection of our sense of respect for our employees. Achieving a healthy balance between work and home life is the foundation of physical and mental health, and the path to a stress-free life. We have set up a series of balance plans for our employees, to ensure that plenty of fun is integrated into our workplace, so we can all share a meaningful life. MORE

How can you join us

If you, like us, are driven by a love for language and are interested in a career that allows you to continue growing and developing, we want to hear from you.

Working with us gives you the opportunity to use words and technology as a vehicle of culture and professional development. Observe the dynamic patterns of languages around the globe, and work with us to build your own personal language world.

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