Data Services

High-quality data is an essential tool for enterprises to formulate growth strategies. Our efficient and scenario-appropriate AI data helps us provide you with reliable training data, so you can achieve intelligent transformation.

The era of global data is here

We leverage our trusted and scientific data solutions to create accurate analyses of market trends and customer opinions, giving you a competitive edge and allowing you to make wise development decisions.
  • Data collection

    Data collection

    Regardless of the data type, from text and images to audio, video and URL, we can provide you with the datasets required for AI model building. view details
  • Data annotation

    Data annotation

    Our industry-leading human-computer collaborative AI data annotation platform helps businesses build simple and easy-to-operate AI models. view details
  • Data training

    Data training

    With the help of our huge data resources, you can set up an extensible data pipeline that regularly trains and improves the model it feeds, empowering you to continuously optimize user experience. view details
  • Data validation

    Data validation

    Our certified experts use our self-developed data platform to evaluate the quality and relevance of data content, improving matching and minimizing data risk.

Guaranteeing Your Success

  • Diversified data models

    Using a diverse data model that is unbiased and uses personally identifiable information (PII), we can deal with data freely, whether we are working with collection, annotation or translation.
  • Precise data location finding

    We can accurately determine the magnitude, scope and quality requirements of your desired project data, ensuring that the data sources are sufficient and properly training the AI model to avoid lag.
  • Secure, compliant datasets

    We provide complete data security, including rights management, data encryption and encrypted PII information storage to ensure the safety of your data assets.
  • Quality goes in, quality comes out

    We provide you with highly reliable training data and efficient, scenario-based AI data to help you achieve intelligent transformation.

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