EasySub Real-time Subtitling

Real-time, multilingual, perfectly matched subtitling. Real-time subtitling is based on speech recognition and supports multiple languages, making it a highly suitable intelligent solution for today's widely varied world of content.

Powerful functions, a better experience

  • Voice recognition generated subtitles

    Powerful voice recognition technology converts voice audio into subtitles in real time. The technology also supports intelligent sentence segmentation, thereby generating subtitles that display in easy synchronicity with the speaker's voice. Subtitle formats, such as double or single line displays, can be customized.
  • Multilingual subtitles

    Powerful translation technology then translates the text that has been created into multilingual subtitles, also in real time. This allows further editing, translation and rewriting, quickly creating a world of subtitling possibilities.
  • Multiple industry termbases

    A variety of industry-specific categories can be selected to improve the accuracy of terms, so as to improve the overall identification and translation quality.
  • Sensitive word filtering

    The technology has the ability to filter and block specific words or phrases if desired, allowing you to be sure your text avoids offending local customs.
  • Export of your subtitles

    Cloud recording allows the export of SRT subtitles, so you can edit recorded videos and other content.

Why EasySub?

Precision voice recognition

Precision voice recognition

Cutting-edge AI voice recognition technology combined with specialist industry termbases greatly increases recognition quality.
Rapid translation

Rapid translation

Our cutting-edge AI algorithms rapidly process multilingual subtitles while ensuring a high quality of translation, delivering an effect of simultaneous interpreting.
Ultra-lag resistant

Ultra-lag resistant

Real-time subtitles are smooth and coherent, perfectly synchronizing what you hear and what you see.
Natural display

Natural display

EasySub features intelligent sentence segmentation, allowing it to control the number of words displayed in each subtitle line and preserve a regular, easy-to-watch video with minimal viewing distraction.

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