We provide multi-channel, multilingual digital services for automobile products and their related marketing, taking the lead in the future consumer market.

Why choose us?

  • Partnered with many world famous automobile firms

    We are working with many well-known domestic and international automobile companies to create localization solutions to solve all kinds of challenges.
  • Secure data management technology

    The perfect confidentiality system and data security technology ensure that your data content is secure.
  • Extendable intelligent language services

    In addition to language, we also provide multi-faceted intelligent data support to expand the unlimited possibilities of the automotive industry.

We provide much more than translation

Language content management

Language content management

With our intelligent language services that integrate technology and demand, we can provide you with clear and accurate documents and digital data. Whether this for your enterprise means operation and maintenance manuals, technical reports, website content or electronic equipment, we ensure that all information is translated perfectly, to help your overseas launch procedures go as smoothly as possible.
Data+ ecology

Data+ ecology

The electrification and intelligent transformation of the automotive industry requires a lot of data. No matter what industry sector you are engaged in (EVs, autonomous vehicles, Internet of Vehicles or the sharing economy), making data integration a priority will be a benefit to you.
Industry insight

Industry insight

With our digitally integrated channels, we can analyze cutting-edge industry data information to grasp the latest industry development trends. Our insights help you tap new potential growth spaces, and become a force that shapes the future of your industry.
Building a global communication system

Building a global communication system

We provide multilingual marketing solutions based on your target consumers, connecting real and digital platforms. Our aim is to help you create seamless experience for your global customers, both online and offline.

AI is powering the local development of the automobile industry

  • Human + intelligent translation

    Human + intelligent translation

    We combine the convenience and flexibility of intelligent machine translation with precision human translation, simplifying the translation process while still ensuring professional language quality. Our industry experts ensure document compliance with industry standards, such as the SAE J2450 translation quality metric, among other guidelines.
  • Multi-channel terminology management

    Our large automobile industry termbases allow us to quickly and effectively solve accuracy and standardization problems, and rapidly deliver language content that is consistent with your development philosophy.
    Multi-channel terminology management
  • Data services

    Data services

    We utilize data acquisition and analysis technology for text, image, voice and video to build intelligent models related to the exterior and interior of automobiles. This is a key method of ensuring you are on the frontiers of digital transformation, and fully utilizing human-computer symbiosis.
  • Automobile localization

    Our extensive professional experience in software and app localization means we are confident in our provision of premium, end-to-end global multilingual localization solutions for vehicles. Our services include UI translation, TTS engine training, vehicle engine testing, and many more.
    Automobile localization

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