Corporate Social Responsibility

Taking the global environment and human welfare as our starting point, we advocate the sense of a community with a shared future for mankind and the common development of organizations and societies. We strive to build a beautiful and livable human society around a stakeholder framework of ethics, employee rights, partners, resources and environment, and social welfare.

Practicing social responsibility

We create value in global development while always remembering the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind. We focus on accelerating industrial technology upgrading and industrial structure optimization, while also focusing on environmental protection, and contributing to lower-carbon lifestyles. We develop social undertakings, make charitable contributions and support community education, as well as culture and art projects. We aim to help build a harmonious and stable society. More
Anti-pandemic work

Anti-pandemic work

The spark of technological innovation is what lights the way.
Low-carbon activities

“Low-carbon” activities

Climate change is a problem that affects all of us, which is why we work hard to promote environmentalism.
Language salon

Language Salon

Our "language salons" are held occasionally in different locations globally, aimed at raising awareness of language issues and points of interest.
Corporate Contributions

Corporate Contributions

We aim to create an inclusive and harmonious multicultural environment. Driven by the tide of globalization, people from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds have become increasingly close to each other, creating highly multicultural environments. All ethnic groups in society should respect each other and work together to create a fair, harmonious and inclusive environment, so that the concept of cultural inclusion and ethnic diversity can be deeply rooted in the corporation's bones. More

"Small Towns, Big Hearts"

What does it mean to have a big heart? It means selfless dedication, and a persistent commitment to spreading love all over the world. We do our utmost to look after vulnerable groups, left behind children and impoverished villages, and do our best to create a better tomorrow. More
"Small Towns, Big Hearts"
  • The Blind Cinema

    The Blind Cinema

    Allowing blind audiences to follow plots via audio
  • The Left Behind Children Assistance Plan

    The Left Behind Children Assistance Plan

    Helping the left behind children overcome difficulties through financial support
  • Active Response to the Rural Revitalization Policy

    Active Response to the Rural Revitalization Policy

    Increasing investment in public welfare undertakings to help rural areas eradicate poverty

Establishing global values for a shared future

We aim to promote the harmonious and stable development of the world, Find common interests and values, and build a community with a shared future for mankind.