Small Towns, Big Hearts

To be human is to respect every individual's existence. We believe that love makes the world what it is, and that the purest love is unconditional and limitless.
The Blind Cinema

Cinema for the visually impaired groups

Cinema for the visually impaired groups, also known as accessible cinema, refers to film screenings in which auxiliary personnel add explanations and use verbal language to describe scenes that do not have dialogue. This allows the visually impaired audiences to be fully engaged with the plot, atmosphere and characters of a film, allowing them to properly follow and enjoy the film experience. The visually impaired groups are a relatively vulnerable audience group, and are often considered a special target group in the language service industry. As part of our social responsibility work, we export new, high-quality films specifically for the visually impaired groups, and also appeal to all sectors of society and emerging media professionals to focus on the need of such audience groups. We promote screenings for those who identify as blind all around the world, aiming to make film watching barrier-free and frictionless no matter what somebody's level of eyesight may be.
The Left Behind Children Assistance Plan

Aid for China's left behind children

As China has rapidly urbanized, more and more young people from rural areas have migrated to the cities for work, leaving a vulnerable group of minors behind in rural areas. We pay close attention to the problems of these left behind children, and we do what we can to help alleviate the difficulties that arise from strenuous financial conditions, as well as the emotional difficulty of being separated long-term from one's family. We hope that our efforts will be a small help in raising awareness of the plight of these left behind children who often live in remote mountain areas. With compassion and financial aid, there is a possibility of a bright future ahead.
Active Response to the Rural Revitalization Policy

An active response to rural revitalization policy

Rural areas hold huge growth potential in the modern era, and China's rural revitalization policy is one of the keys to modernization. As a new-era enterprise, we have increased our investment in public welfare undertakings, incorporating into our work the mission of helping rural areas, in order to help the comprehensive development of the country in the long run. Poverty alleviation contributes hugely to the overall goal of common prosperity, and this work helps us demonstrate how private businesses can be effective engines of social responsibility. We have taken concrete actions to promote development in poorer areas, because we believe that every corner of the world deserves attention and protection.

The "Small Towns, Big Hearts"

campaign encapsulates this goodwill,

and represents our dedication to safeguarding vulnerable populations.