Social Responsibility

We aim to create value for global development, and we always remember the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind. Our focus is on accelerating industrial technology upgrading, and optimizing industrial structures. This is related to environmental protection, and contributing to a low-carbon future.Social undertakings such as charitable contributions and community education projects help spread positive and healthy culture and art. We will continue to make constant efforts to build a harmonious and stable society.

Low-carbon campaign

Global warming is a problem that affects us all. Environmental protection is a task of crucial importance to everyone. We have actively responded to China's 'dual carbon' strategy, advocating a green, environment-friendly and low-carbon lifestyle. We call on our employees to reduce their carbon emissions from the perspective of an enterprise. We will help contribute to realizing carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, as we strive to create a greener planet.
  • Greener travel starts with us

    Spreading healthy, green travel concepts Improving low-carbon awareness Encouraging individual employee health
  • Recycling and resource exchange

    We advocate reusing old things and extending product lifecycles We reduce carbon emissions and waste We encourage recycling among all employees We create a good atmosphere for sustainable use of resources
  • Greener offices, more saved energy

    We cultivate the habit of environmental protection and strengthen the awareness of resource conservation.We make our use of energy, water, office equipment, and office supplies as efficiently as possible.We continuously strengthen green-related information and actively promote paperless offices.We reduce the use of disposable cups and small bottles of water.

Language salons

Our 'language salons' are held irregularly around the world to raise people's awareness of language causes. The salons aim to engage future language talents, and raise awareness of issues and causes in the language industry. This helps contribute to building a positive cultural atmosphere.
Language salon event

How we take action

We organize for professional translators to enter communities and hold language salons Salons are for all people interested in translation and language work In the form of lectures, Q&A, and interactive activities

Anti-pandemic volunteer work

Our staff volunteered to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, vigorously carrying out anti-pandemic work so as to fulfill the social responsibility of a responsible enterprise.
  • Anti-pandemic public welfare

    We used our technology to protect human life.We fully utilized our multilingual public welfare platform.We provided free language assistance services to the world
  • Anti-pandemic work starts with the individual

    We fully implemented pandemic prevention policies.We volunteered at community pandemic prevention stations.We assisted the community in pandemic prevention
  • Pandemic prevention material support

    We provided pandemic prevention material support.We realized the concept of "front line" pandemic fighting and back-end support

Being socially responsible gives us a stronger sense of mission,

and brings meaning to life.

Our employees are constantly and earnestly practicing and implementing social responsibility.