Whether you are working with Triple-A, PC or console games, we can help you overcome UI localization challenges. With localization technology, we can create an end product that is infinitely close to the original, or we can modify or re-create game content and design to create a new immersive game experience for players everywhere.

Professional gaming teams

  • In-depth gaming industry knowledge

    In-depth gaming industry knowledge

    Over the years, we have helped localize many games and have strong knowledge of the processes involved in game development and localization. No matter what kind of localization you need for your game, we are confident we can help.
  • Experienced native-language translators

    We are extremely selective with our translators. We choose those who have rich experience in gaming projects, as well as individual game enthusiasts, to ensure that translations are accurate and authentic.
    Experienced native-language translators
  • DIY short-text translation

    DIY short-text translation

    For translations of short texts, enterprises can use our AI translation engineDentplus+. Just input translation content, and translated text proofread by professionals will be quickly returned to you.
  • Audio-visual localization support

    If you want your game to feature localized dubbing, subtitles, animation or other aspects of the game experience, our audio-visual localization team can help you, so that your game localization is not limited to text string translation.
    Audio-visual localization support
  • Supported formats

    Supported formats

    We can handle a wide range of document formats, including doc, txt, xls, json, and po. We can meet your requirements in any format.

How we help successfully localize your game

  • Localization engineering services

    With our localization engineering services, we can check the UI consistency of your game products, eliminate language and cultural problems, create maintenance terms, and provide additional ASO, marketing localization and other full process launch services to make sure your products connect properly with global audiences.
  • Translation proofreading services

    We provide effective language service solutions for all formats and volumes of gaming content, and will assign experienced manual translators familiar with your gaming field to work with you. The seamless connection of the translation and proofreading processes through self-developed management platforms ensures problems are solved quickly and easily.
  • Geopolitical assessment services

    We have offices in more than 20 sites around the world, with more than 1,400 internal language experts and more than 30,000 local freelance translators. With a bottom-up management approach, our professional teams evaluate the geopolitical situation of the target markets to ensure your game launches and operates smoothly.
  • Localized content management services

    OurDentplus+multilingual solution allows you to easily create and publish global content. With our exclusive game localization technology platform and development service, we can continually update localized content for you, helping you achieve full lifecycle management and effective, up-to-date localization.

Above and beyond solutions

Translation management services

Our intelligent translation platform, terminology library and other AI platforms help simplify the localization process, bringing you low-cost, high-quality translation services.

Product content experience and management

We support localized content testing of the entire product chain. This means, with the help of a customized management platform, we strengthen each component of the project to realize deep personalization and localization of the end product game.

Language services

Gaming industry experts provide translation and localization services that give you insight into players' psychology and behavior. This empowers you to integrate local market characteristics into your product, meeting user game experience expectations.

Multi-channel marketing services

With the help of our intelligent service platform, you can deliver and promote your products via multiple channels around the world. With powerful digital marketing, you can surpass the boundaries of format and language.