Life Sciences

The field of life sciences is closely related to human health and survival. The accuracy and quality of translations are crucial to success in this field.Our professional language service solutions have helped many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, medical researchers, equipment institutions and other enterprises improve the efficiency and quality of their translations. This in turn helps reduce marketing timelines and associated costs.We provide you with truly valuable content, promoting the participation of practitioners and patients worldwide and boosting the development of the life science industry.

Your reliable partner in life sciences

Some of the subfields we specialize in

  • Clinical trials

    Clinical trials often need to be carried out in multiple countries and regions, and have powerful and experienced language partners, which is particularly important for improving the communication efficiency between researchers and patients, speeding up the output of treatment plans, and benefiting global patients.
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  • Language verification

    With more than 80 languages of clinical outcome assessment (COA) translation and language verification service experience, we have become experts in this field.
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  • Regulatory affairs/submissions

    Accurate and compliant translation is our primary goal. We strictly follow regulatory review regulations and establish strict quality control procedures to ensure that your products are compliant and can be launched quickly.
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  • Medical equipment translation

    Translations regarding medical equipment require a deep understanding of many relevant regulatory laws and regulations. We have a professional translation service team specifically dedicated to the management and analysis of medical equipment laws and regulations.
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  • Community (resource sharing)

    With our industry community model, you can maintain close communication links with global researchers and user groups. This allows you to learn more about the latest cutting-edge topics in the life sciences, and helps you find effective solutions to problems.
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Effective life science solutions

  • Accurate translation of clinical trial documents

    Accurate translation of clinical trial documents

    Standardized and professional translation processes mean reduced translation costs. They also ensure the compliance of translated documents with various requirements. Our translation services can make sure you are meeting requirements at every stage, from document filing to translation review and desktop typesetting. This ensures the compliance and quality of document translations.
  • Regulation on management and multilingual supervision

    Regulation on management and multilingual supervision

    A comprehensive and in-depth regulatory management system helps ensure the security of the global supply chain. Based on our deep understanding of regulatory laws and regulations in a multilingual environment, we have established a professional and comprehensive regulatory process. This allows you to quickly understand relevant regulations, and thus update and protect your content.
  • Managing multilingual marketing

    Managing multilingual marketing

    Only comprehensive and genuine marketing content will resonate with your target audience. As a firm, you must establish an expandable marketing model. Whether it is multilingual website construction or search engine optimization, we can provide you with excellent language, cultural and technical services, so you can quickly reach global users.
  • Tuning in to multi-channel media

    Tuning in to multi-channel media

    What user feedback have your clinical trials and applications received worldwide? With our global multi-channel platform, we can help you collect user feedback, so you can optimize the design of your clinical trials. This allows you to enhance your brand influence, boost user loyalty and keep abreast of competitive product trends.

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