The finance industry is increasingly international, and full of unlimited opportunities. Our complete suite of language solutions can help you to establish a reliable cooperative relationship with buyers in any country. With our leading artificial intelligence and management technology, your business operations can become more agile and more efficient, which has a positive effect on income flow. Welcome to the age of digital transformation.

Our financial localization team

  • More than 15 years of finance experience

    Accumulated years of experience in translation in the financial industry with strong global resources.
  • Familiarity with global regulatory systems

    We are familiar with domestic and foreign financial regulatory policies and regulations, to provide you with formal and reliable language support.
  • Multiple international security and quality certifications

    Based on a complete set of standardized service system, relying on ISO9001 quality management system and other certifications to ensure content quality.

Your financial localization experts

Commercial Banks

Commercial Banks

With our multilingual service strategy, we can help you quickly expand into global markets. We provide continuous testing, and ensure security and compliance.


Using our language AI service and management technology, you can easily face policy management, risk management and other processes, so as to optimize the user experience and improve user retention.
Investment Banks

Investment Banks

With our intelligent operation and security management solutions, we can help you fully utilize your differentiated competitive advantages. We guarantee the security of your sensitive or confidential information.
Asset Management

Asset Management

Increase your participation in key areas such as product release and customer acquisition, and automate content processes to optimize content compliance and reduce costs.

Language AI: For one-stop financial localization services

  • Language services

    Language services

    Accurate, compliant and professional translation is crucial to the global layout of the finance industry. With strict quality control, confidentiality measures and professional translators in the financial field, we can deal with financial statements, audit reports, investment brochures and IPO documents.
  • Intelligent translation assistance

    When faced with huge workloads, intelligent machine translation can help vastly increase translation speed. This technology can complete an initial translation quickly and accurately, before human translators manually proofread and edit, providing you with natural, high-quality content at rapid speeds.
    Intelligent translation assistance
  • Systematic content management

    Systematic content management

    Our simple and convenient content management tools can greatly improve productivity. Using our content management platform and solutions, specific project information is clearly presented, allowing complex workflows to be easily managed. We help you monitor project status anytime, anywhere.
  • Content security management

    We fully understand the importance of confidentiality in the finance industry. While projects are in process, we strictly abide by confidentiality provisions and ensure the security of your content throughout the whole process. Our attentiveness to this aspect of our work is meticulous.
    Content security management

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