Born to Create Audio. Super intelligent text-to-voice dubbing. We use intelligent voice technology to convert subtitles into voice audio, with multiple language, tone of voice, style, and speech speed options that allow you to quickly create the sound your video needs.

Premium functions, unlimited dubbing possibilities

  • Rapid text-to-voice conversion

    Our intelligent system can quickly convert text subtitles into voice audio, with conversion of even a large volume of video content taking just seconds.
  • Multilingual translation

    The system provides machine translation into multiple languages, allowing you to create editable text subtitles in several target languages, which can then be edited against the original subtitles.
  • Customizable output

    Dubbing is editable to account for different genders, ages and tones of voice, allowing you to create customized, highly natural voice audio.
  • Custom editing

    When creating multi-voice audio, different voices can be set for different speakers to avoid confusion. Technicians can also manually eliminate or retain any overlapping sound.
  • Finishing touches

    Our intelligent AI algorithms analyze the scene and background music, in order to automatically adjust dubbing effects appropriately and create a natural-sounding and polished final file.

Why use EasyDub

Access to 80+ languages

Access to 80+ languages

With access to 80+ languages, we can help you create the most appropriate audio, no matter what your target language and market are. We can help your content reach global markets.
Cost-saved solutions

We're here to help reduce your costs

Intelligent dubbing requires far less manpower than manual dubbing, helping you reduce both staff and equipment costs. EasyDub automatically selects audio from its resource library to complete dubbing according to content style and needs.
High-performance experience

High-performance experience

This simple and efficient intelligent software can deal with large-scale dubbing of multiple pieces of video content quickly and simultaneously, improving editing efficiency and taking your dubbing to new technological heights.
A high-quality result

A high-quality result

Our high-quality translation and AI algorithms create premium multilingual video and audio. From text quality to video effects, our software helps you produce fantastic, eye-catching and blemish-free content.

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