Easy Integration Suite

Broadly applicable language technology is leading a new era of intelligent translation.

The Easy Integration Suite is created by integrating intelligent language services, intelligent hardware and intelligent operations management. It is redefining the future of language technology.

Automation of the translation process

The value of translation process automation is continually increasing as the industry incorporates an ever greater variety of languages, source file formats and quantities. We have reinvented the traditional manual process, creating a new generation of intelligent, innovate translation technology that can be used by global translators to improve productivity.
  • Customized machine translation

    Customized machine translation

    Customized translation engines are a powerful assistant in overcoming language barriers. Upload your own corpus to begin training custom machine translation, then enjoy seamless access to the project thereafter.
  • Customized project management

    Build an easy-to-operate project management platform without the need for sending large files through other mediums. This means that you can easily track changes to project content, follow up quickly, easily update translation content, and enable project managers, language experts, and technicians to cooperate more efficiently.
    Customized project management
  • Integrated language technology solutions

    Integrated language technology solutions

    This one-stop, intelligent, multilingual service platform is based on independent research. As well as providing digital solutions for multiple specialist fields, it can provide effective support for the globalization of any given product, effectively shortening launch timelines for new markets and reducing costs.

Complete intelligent engine and terminal hardware

Using Dentplus+ algorithms, a multi-field terminal interpretation headset exchanges text and voice in real time to achieve clear, in-ear communication.

A new generation of high-performance interpretation

  • Rapid decoding, single-card processing speeds can reach 500 words or more per second

  • Maximize efficiency and save 30-70% in costs

  • 80+ languages, including simplified Chinese, English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Czech, Italian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Danish, Bulgarian, Polish and Dutch

Powerful functions

Simultaneous interpretation, dialogue translation, multilingual translation, offline translation, photo translation, AI intelligent error correction and intelligent recording

This is intelligent language technology. Welcome to the future.

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