An intelligent translation ecosystem brings language AI within reach. Dentplus+is an interactive and personalized intelligent translation ecosystem for language AI, integrating an intelligent translation platform with a project management system and intelligent tool matrix to build an advanced suite of translation capabilities.

Intelligent system matrix breaks translation boundaries

We can customize perfect, efficient and secure translation solutions for you to help you achieve clear and effective communication with your clients.
Dentplus+ intelligent translation system

Dentplus+ Intelligent Translation System

Dentplus+ intelligent translation system is an interactive, personalized and automatic AI translation platform which helps you quickly handle multi-field translation content. It works with a large number of languages and large volumes of data, and also supports customized terms to maximize cost-effectiveness. view details
EasyTMS translation project management

EasyTMS Translation Project Management

EasyTMS is a safe, simple and efficient project resource development and management system which can handle multiple tasks and multiple roles simultaneously. It quickly matches project resources for you, and monitors the process of a project in real time. view details
EasyBox smart tools matrix

EasyBox Smart Tools Matrix

As a new generation of language service toolbox, EasyBox provides a new drag-and-drop alignment experience, allowing rapid term extraction as well as intelligent quality control. It effectively identifies the signs of machine translation, and reduces translation workload. view details

Welcome to the future of transformative technology

Synthesizing personalized machine translation and human translator expertise to create an interactive, intelligent language AI ecosystem, which can efficiently handle massive multilingual content.
  • Personalized language AI

    Interactive, personalized language AI

    This world-leading language AI technology builds a machine translation engine matrix, allowing you to quickly find the appropriate engine and fully utilize the closed-loop self-learning mechanism.
  • AI-assisted translation

    Leading AI-assisted translation

    Assisted translation tools are of great significance for improving work efficiency. We can show you how to use the newest generation of language service toolboxes, allowing you to reach your full communication potential with the assistance of human-computer language tools.
  • The world's top translator exchange community

    The world's top translator exchange community

    Our global expert network system is built around the purpose of providing the very best translations. We unite top translators from around the world to form a positive and supportive communication platform where you can access premium interpretation services.

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