Intelligent Language Services

Enterprise-level language intelligence technology solutions help unlock your growth potential With exponentially growing technology, we are committed to providing you with automated language service processes

We will work to realize your vision

  • Customized machine translation engines

    A personalized translation engine is a great way for you to deal with language barriers. Upload your own corpus to start exclusive machine translation engine training with one click, giving you seamless access to the project production process.
  • Customized translation project management platform

    A convenient and smooth project management platform is built without sending large files through other platforms so you can easily track any changes to project content. This allows timely follow-ups and updates, enabling project managers, language experts, and technicians to cooperate more efficiently.
  • Customized language asset management platform

    Effective language asset management saves a lot of project time and cost. We can work with you to build a dedicated language asset management platform, ensuring language quality and improving translation efficiency.
  • An intelligent translation platform for higher education institutions

    Relying on experience gained through real situations and actual practice, we help colleges and universities to reform their teaching, enabling foreign language talents to be trained through the integration of intelligent translation ecosystem and data services.
  • Integrated language technology solutions

    Our one-stop intelligent multilingual service platform is based on independent research and development, and our digital solutions cover a broad variety of fields. This allows us to provide effective support for the globalization of your products, vastly reducing launch times and language-related costs.

We're good to go

Personalized language AI systems

Interactive, personalized language AI systems

We integrate an intelligent translation platform with a project management system and matrix of intelligent tools, to provide you with a complete, efficient and safe translation service plan. This means you can develop your own solutions, helping you achieve clear and effective communication with your customers.
Vast language resource library

Vast language resource library

With high-quality language resources spanning multiple fields and languages, we can deal with specialized translation requests with ease. Whether you need existing language content to be translated, or build an entirely new management platform based on your products, we're here to help.
Global language expert network

Global language expert network

Our language expert teams are distributed in many places around the world. Many of them are industry leaders in various fields, and thus can provide you with premium language services, anytime and anywhere.
Safe and reliable data management technology

Safe and reliable data management technology

With the help of our data management technology, using confidential infrastructure and equipped with powerful confidentiality technology, you can eliminate the risk of project data leakage, whether information is held in paper documents or electronically.

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