Data Training

High-quality and reliable training data is crucial to AI deployment and strategy formulation. With the help of our huge data resources, you can set up an extendable data pipeline that constantly trains and improves your AI model, helping your product continuously optimize.

We're ready

  • Data training models

    Training models based on deep learning neural networks

    We will lay the foundation for a digital business ecosystem in advance, building an exclusive data asset system for you. This system includes a well-trained data training model that releases the value potential of data assets, activating the momentum of products that deliver data and enabling you to make wiser market decisions.
  • Linguistics + data = an expert team

    With years of in-depth exploration of AI and service experience in many industries, we have built a team of experts covering almost all fields. No matter what type of data training you need, we can arrange corresponding data experts and language experts to provide precision help.
    Linguistics + data = an expert team
  • Efficient, standardized data training process

    Efficient, standardized data training process

    Our tried-and-tested training process first preprocesses existing data, then cleans problem data and defines data types and control fields to ensure high-quality training. In the data testing phase, the accuracy of mining data and training data is evaluated by constructing detection models, which help ensure everything is running the way your enterprise wants it to.

What we can work with

  • Text

    With the help of data sets collected, trained, annotated and verified in a multilingual environment, text content is easy for us to process.
  • Image

    Based on image collections, content capture and semantic segmentation, our unique neural network architecture is used to enhance data models' visual element recognition ability.
  • Audio

    Powerful training strategies and tools help accurately label parts of speech and different pronunciations in 80+ languages and dialects. This ensures a high degree of accuracy through as much data as possible.
  • Video

    Videos are preprocessed to convert them into a data mode that is convenient for training. This facilitates subsequent machine learning, and helps establish a better, high-quality model.

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