Translation and Localization

Our translation localization teams come from all over the world, and are equipped with high levels of professional translation ability and cultural literacy. We can help you translate any content in a way that sounds natural and fluent to native speakers, integrating local culture and popular words to help you fully assimilate your products, software, websites, games, multimedia and other content.
  • Translation

    Besteasy has an integrated language service team of more than 30,000 people worldwide. We bring together top experts from more than 30 industries, covering more than 80 languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arab, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. Our work covers the translation and proofreading of documents, audio/recordings, online literature and much, much more.
  • Software localization

    The global trend toward heavier data usage is changing the face of global development. The impact of high-tech software on the world economy cannot be overstated. Software localization helps share cutting-edge software across borders, speeding up the introduction of new products and services, so we can all build a better digital world.
  • App localization

    Our localization engineering services help you edit your app conform to any market conditions. The service includes UI consistency checks, the elimination of language and cultural sticking points, and the creation and maintenance of specialized termbases, to ensure your app sends a consistent message to your global consumers.
  • Website localization

    Websites are often the first point of contact between a business and potential customers. Website localization, therefore, plays a critical role in globalization. Facing rapidly developing international markets, high-quality localization of your web presence is a good way to attract and retain global customers and business opportunities. Our excellent website localization team is here to make your website highly accessible and attractive. No matter which language customers speak, or which culture or region they come from, we are here to help with both translation and design.
  • Game localization

    Whether you are working with Triple-A, PC or console games, we can help you overcome UI localization challenges. With localization technology, we can create an end product that is infinitely close to the original, or we can modify or re-create game content and design to create a new immersive game experience for players everywhere.
  • Localization of audio-visual content

    Our multilingual audio-visual localization solutions can provide you with end-to-end localization services in multiple media, such as film and television translation, dubbing, promotional films, and educational content. Through the traceable control of the whole translation process, we help you master the nuances of each language and culture, so that your content comes across authentically and in an easy-to-understand way.

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