Interpretation Services

We can provide you with on-site simultaneous interpreting, consecutive (speech) interpreting, accompanying interpreting, telephone/video conference interpreting and other services in various fields to help you remove language barriers between you and your clients.

Our Services

  • Simultaneous interpreting

    A translation method in which the interpreter provides instant translation using special equipment that does not interrupt the speaker's speech flow, instead continuously interpreting the content to the audience as it is said.
  • Consecutive (speech) interpreting

    The interpreter sits in the conference room, listening to the source language while taking notes. When the speaker finishes his speech or stops to wait for interpretation, the interpreter uses clear and natural language to accurately and completely express all the content of the speech in the target language, as if making a speech.
  • Telephone interpreting

    The interpreter interprets the dialogue between the two parties by telephone. Most telephone interpreters will use the consecutive interpreting style.
  • Accompanying interpreting

    It is mainly used in small business meetings or negotiations, overseas tourism, factory or on-site visits, exhibitions and other circumstances. As on-the-spot work, interpreters are required to be intelligent, resourceful and highly adaptable and to provide effective communication assistance for both sides of the enterprise.
  • Expatriate interpretation assignments

    Interpreters work in areas other than the place where they are located. During the assignment, the interpreter's work may involve on-site interpretation, equipment installation interpretation, negotiation or exhibition interpretation services.
  • Simultaneous interpreting equipment rental

    We are able to provide simultaneous interpreting equipment rental services throughout China.

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