Intellectual Property Rights

In an era when information spreads rapidly across the globe, the protection of intellectual property rights is crucial.We are highly familiar with the accuracy and compliance requirements of intellectual property translation work, and our professional intellectual property team and global resource network allow us to provide full-process support, so you can fully protect your creative content.

Reliable team and technical resources

  • Senior intellectual property professionals

    Experienced team of professional lawyers and language experts to provide you with precise language services.
  • Safe and reliable content management technology

    A comprehensive confidentiality system and in-company security equipment guarantee the absolute security of your content during multi-lingualization.
  • Complete global intellectual property resource network

    End-to-end language support with global IP coverage and knowledge of global IP law.

Professional intellectual property translation services

  • Accurate patent translation

    Accurate patent translation

    Our language services meet the quality standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 17100. No matter in which language you want to apply for a patent, we can provide high-quality patent translation that ensures consistent quality.
  • Huge global intellectual property resource network

    Huge global intellectual property resource network

    We have established a complete global network of intellectual property rights, where you can easily find patent information for your industry. This can help you formulate a more targeted globalization strategy.
  • Compliance content review

    Compliance content review

    Our language experts will review the completeness, accuracy of terms and national application requirements of your content, and senior patent lawyers will take overall control to protect your content.

Full process solutions

  • Professional quality checks

    Professional quality checks

    Our senior language experts and patent lawyers are here to help you. They are familiar with the translation focus of intellectual property rights and the legal requirements of various countries, and can complete tasks ahead of schedule to make sure real value is added.
  • Convenient, flexible translation tools

    With the help of our intelligent translation ecosystem, we can store reusable content so approved translations are automatically filled in if they reappear. This helps ensure consistency and effectively reduces translation costs.
    Convenient, flexible translation tools
  • Customized solutions

    Customized solutions

    We will always aim to gain an in-depth understanding of your intellectual property situation and project budget. Whether you are applying for patents, supplying general information or trying to avoid patent infringement, we can create a customized service plan for you to protect your intangible assets.

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