Industrial Manufacturing

Modern manufacturing is increasingly reliant on global supply chains. Our accurate and reliable industrial manufacturing translation services will help you quickly tap into global markets and be part of the globalized modern industrial world.

Years of accumulated advantages

Our expert team has deep knowledge of a variety of industrial fields, and our efficient management process makes localization of your industrial manufacturing safe and fast.
  • Years of experience in manufacturing industries

    Industrial manufacturing translation has long been one of our main competitive business areas. Over the years, we have taken on many industrial projects from engineering, food, construction and many more, and delivered them perfectly every time. Our rich experience makes us highly confident in our ability to help your manufacturing business.
  • Professional translators in all fields

    Our team of translators comes from a broad range of fields, including various manufacturing industries. They are well-versed in industry terminology, and ensure accurate, standardized and consistent translations, allowing rapid completion of projects and a shorter turnover cycle.
  • Member of the China International Contractors Association (CHINCA)

    Besteasy is an official member of the China International Contractors Association (CHINCA), proving our position as a premium translator in the international engineering industry. We are committed to engaging with international and industrial exchanges and businesses to promote Chinese-foreign economic cooperation.

A wide range of industries

  • Industrial automation

    Industrial automation

    Product manuals and operation specifications are of crucial importance in the field of industrial automation. We take pride in providing precision and accuracy in our translations. From initial stages to final stage reviews, our product manuals are dealt with by industry expert team, to ensure no oversight that might affect safety.
  • Construction


    We are confident we can fully satisfy the language service needs of construction industry enterprises, whether this is in terms of foreign investment, foreign project contracting, project assignment or any other aspect requiring language services.
  • Energy industries

    Energy industries

    Besteasy has a proven track record in the fields of traditional power generation (hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power), new energy power generation (wind power, photovoltaic, solar thermal, biomass power generation) and distributed energy technology, and has ongoing long-term cooperation with many leading enterprises and institutions in China.

Complete localization solutions

  • Localization consulting and management plan

    Localization consulting and management plan

    With more than 20 years of professional experience and a large number of materials in this field, we provide enterprises with effective project management and localization consulting, providing clients with efficient and systematic localization management services.
  • Technical translation in professional fields

    Our expert translation team has established a mature business management and quality control process based on the ISO/IEC27001 Implementation Rules for Information Security Management, ISO9001 Quality Management System Certifications and so on. These ensure the consistency of our translation results, delivered in accordance with industry and international norms.
    Technical translation in professional fields
  • On-site and remote interpretation services

    On-site and remote interpretation services

    We have a large team of professional and experienced translators who can quickly respond to your project assignment needs. We can also provide you with timely on-site/remote interpretation services.

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