Data Collection

Good data services start with comprehensive, high-quality data collection Regardless of the data type, from text, image, audio and video to URL, we can provide you with the data set required for AI model building.

Powerful data collection aids success

  • Multilingual processing

    With rich experience that covers 80+ languages, we can arrange professional personnel for you no matter which language you need data services in.
  • Large volume of data resources

    With 20 years of service experience, we have built a large number of database resources that have been repeatedly cleaned. These resources can provide you with high-quality metadata, helping you break through the upper limits of your data mining analysis, and providing guaranteed data quality.
  • Advanced data collection equipment

    With our advanced data collection equipment, you can deploy a data collection network that incorporates online collection of open data, physical data, third-party platform data, and offline collection methods such as questionnaires and user feedback. These are designed in a way that allows you to pay close attention to data security and user privacy issues, helping meet your diversified collection needs.

We're here to help

  • Text data collection

    According to the text data collection requirements you provide, we can provide text data collection services in almost all fields, from corpus texts and industry directories to acronyms, serving data training and AI model building.
    Text data collection
  • Image and video data collection

    Image and video data collection

    With computer vision technology, images of all kinds of equipment can be recognized. Our professional data collectors are active in and familiar with many different types of collection, and will ensure high-quality collection and, in turn, smooth subsequent data annotation.
  • Audio data collection

    With the help of our resources and talent reserve for 80+ languages and dialects, as well as our advanced dubbing platform, we can quickly find you any high-quality voice resources you need. From collections of wake-up words to multilingual recognition data and various dialects, we have the data for you.
    Audio data collection

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