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Our one-stop tailored marketing solutions tap into new markets with seamless interconnectivity will help your brand go global

We help you globalize your brand

As a leading global language service provider in the industry, we know that what lies behind language services is a deep layer of cultural tradition. With our leading language services, intelligent technologies and solutions, we'll help you build communication bridges, localize products and build a global brand in the most economical way.

We're good to go

  • Extensive professional resources

    Extensive professional resources

    With branches in more than 30 countries and regions and a large team of senior contract translators, industry experts and native language experts all over the world, we are ready and waiting to provide you with our expertise. Our senior translators and industry experts are highly responsive, and can be relied upon to quickly and accurately grasp your key concerns.
  • Leading localization technology

    Leading localization technology

    Our industry-leading in-house technology is deeply integrated into our overall project management process. From document processing, translation and review and interface design to results testing, bug repairs, terminology maintenance and other related tasks, we ensure accurate and efficient localization, and that your creative ideas are turned into reality exactly the way you want across the world.
  • Diverse industry experience

    Diverse industry experience

    Over 20 years of providing language services, we have accumulated rich experience in localization services in many fields. Whether we are working with narrative text or technical industry terms, we work hard to deliver appropriate, accurate and naturalized translations that achieve the perfect balance between professionalism and native-level colloquialism, helping you connect with local markets and expand your brand influence.

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